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anti you
24 October 2014 @ 01:31 pm

fics are open for everyone. please mind the rating/s.
NB! my stories often include adult themes that could be triggering.
* * *
this livejournal is the home of the fic series foolish people mainly.
the series is a two-shot originally, although i started a part 3 early in 2015.
however, part 3 will not be available to read anymore for the time being.
it was open a while, but i hated how it was nothing like the original series, so i put it on private.
a full (revised, as usual) version will be available in 100312312 years.
let's just say that there is no part 3. i think that is best.
* * *

a warning: i'm not active. i do not update frequently.
especially given the fact that i'm not really a part of the kpop fandom anymore.

all that being said, enjoy!
comments are appreciated

i also make icons now and then over at bangtans

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anti you
01 September 2014 @ 11:43 am
foolish people 1
kyuhae(?), broken!kyumin / r / 6600w
In which Kyuhyun broke up with Sungmin, both are having difficulty coping with it, and Donghae visits Kyuhyun at night when they think Sungmin is asleep.

notes: 2014 (major) fix of earlier version. see author's note at the end of the post here.
warnings: mentions of severe depression and different kinds of self-harm

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anti you
perdendo; losing volume, fading into nothing, dying away
2,100 words
sungmin meets university student kyuhyun, falls in love, and lies.

notes ♥ I just wrote this to experiment with the first person narration. not sure how I feel about it. in the end I do prefer third person narrative, but we'll see how this goes. I have no immediate plans of continuing this, but I might reconsider.

UPDATE 27/08/14: fixed some errors and added some sentences to ease flow.

The wind was icy and merciless against my bare skin, and I tried to cover the remaining of my exposed face with my dark locks of hair. My body was shuddering to the point it was painful, and I had started chewing my lower lip again, a habit I had originally put off. People passed, conversations mingling between them, and I suddenly felt lonely, standing by myself as families, friends and lovers entered the movie theatre.Collapse )
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